I think I went through a phase where I planned to write a comic titled after practically every lyric from The Magnetic Fields’ 69 Love Songs album(s).

Updates have been infrequent again because I’ve been working on another short comic for an anthology. On a related topic, the comic that monopolised all my time in January has now been published in the Beginnings comics anthology edited by the ACT Comic Meet, available to order here. Beginnings is nearly 200 pages published in glossy full colour; my story (with layouts by Sarah Milne and colours by Joshua Smythe) is 6 pages. Get your mitts on one of the hand-numbered limited edition first print run editions now!

(Also, given the┬ásporadic┬ánature of updates of late, a reminder that there is an RSS feed at the top right of the page that will alert you whenever there’s a new post.)