I’ve been occupied with extracurricular comics recently (print comics, stories for anthologies, and guest comics), so I’ve dug this page out of the archives. This was drawn for the third Instantaneous art exhibition at the Grace Emily. If memory serves me correctly, the idea was for the exhibited piece to consist of one comic panel out of context, while the page the panel came from was printed in the exhibition brochure. My page is an excerpt from a non-existent longer story called The Case of the White Elephant. The panel that was in the exhibition (much larger, of course) was panel 3; in retrospect, I wish I had chosen panel 4, as I vastly prefer it.

As mentioned previously, one of my extracurricular comics is an 8-page story in a 184-page (not 186-page as previously reported) Canadian comics anthology called Ghost Tales, featuring 16 comics by creators from all over the world on the theme of ghost stories. It can be pre-ordered here: http://gurukitty.com/zencart/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=1 for only US$15!